Getting Stuck on Baby Shower Ideas? Here’s a List of Things to Do in Queensland’s Scenic Rim

Planning a baby shower in Queensland’s Scenic Rim and running out of ideas? Perhaps you’re planning the perfect Baby Shower on the Gold Coast? We’ve got you covered with a list of recommendations to make your celebration in this picturesque region a memorable one. From delicious meals to charming scenery, Tamborine’s Scenic Rim has it all.

Are you looking for the perfect baby shower idea that combines natural beauty, delicious food, and a touch of rustic charm? Look no further! We have the ideal day out for you, starting at Tamborine’s Botanic Gardens and taking you on a journey through the Gold Coast hinterland that you’ll cherish forever.

Tamborine’s Botanic Gardens: A Scenic Beginning

Our adventure begins at the picturesque Tamborine’s Botanic Gardens. Nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast hinterland, this lush oasis is the ideal spot to kick off your baby shower festivities. Enjoy a casual stroll through the gardens before venturing onward to the most incredible picnic set-up you could dream of! The garden’s serene ambiance and vibrant floral displays create a magical backdrop for your celebration.

Baby Shower Ideas: A Donkey Picnic at Bearded Dragon Hotel

After a leisurely stroll through the Botanic Gardens, it’s time to head over to the Bearded Dragon Hotel, a charming country-style venue that’s only a short drive away. Here, you’ll find the most delightful surprise – a donkey picnic with a scrumptious brunch buffet.

The Bearded Dragon Hotel’s rustic charm and friendly atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a unique baby shower experience. Picture this: you and your guests gathered around picnic tables, sipping on cocktails or baby-shower-themed mocktails, while adorable donkeys graze nearby. It’s a memory you’ll treasure forever. Be sure to bring your cameras for a photo-opportunity not to be missed!


Enhancing the Day Out: Cocktails and Mocktails

At Bearded Dragon Hotel, you have the option to elevate your baby shower experience with a selection of handcrafted cocktails or non-alcoholic mocktails, designed to complement the vibrant flavours of your brunch buffet. Raise a toast to the mom-to-be with a “Baby Bump Spritz” or “Mum’s Sunshine Mimosa.” These refreshing drinks add a touch of sophistication to your day out in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Lawn Games: Fun and Laughter

No baby shower is complete without a dose of fun and laughter. The Bearded Dragon Hotel offers a variety of lawn games to keep your guests entertained. From cornhole to giant Jenga, these activities will have everyone smiling and bonding over friendly competition. It’s the perfect way to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

An Overnight Retreat: Boutique Onsite Accommodation

To top off your day of baby shower bliss, consider staying overnight in the Bearded Dragon Hotel’s boutique onsite accommodation. You and your guests can retire to cozy rooms with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. It’s the perfect way to extend the celebration and create even more cherished moments with your closest friends and family.

If you’re searching for the ultimate baby shower ideas in the Gold Coast hinterland, this day out starting at Tamborine’s Botanic Gardens and culminating at the Bearded Dragon Hotel is a golden choice. With a donkey picnic, delicious brunch buffet, cocktails or mocktails, lawn games, and boutique onsite accommodation, it’s a celebration that combines nature’s beauty with rustic charm, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. So, gather your loved ones and embark on this delightful adventure to celebrate the impending arrival of a new bundle of joy!

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