The Gentle Art of Making Guinness – Art Exhibition

Mt Tamborine Pub

Delivering the Guinness ! A novel method now being employed for supplying Guinness to remote areas!

View the full collection at Bearded Dragon Hotel Tamborine of The Gentle Art of Making Guinness by by artist John Ireland. Grab a pint and get up close and personal with a rare collectors set of 12 framed prints.
Bearded Dragon Hotel has always prided itself on an awesome selection of beers and was the first pub outside of the bright lights of Brisbane and Gold Coast to fully embrace Guinness and other Irish and English beers.
Find this rare Guinness artwork collection amongst so much beer & cider collectables, antiques and general put nostalgia while enjoying a perfect pint of guinness from the main bar.

From the Guinness Collectors Club website:
John was born on the 19th March 1949 at Aldershot Hants and attended Farnham Grammar school, Farnham Art School and finally Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. He lived and worked in London from 1971 until moving to Norfolk in 1976. John has two sons, two sheep, a dog and a wife Tessa and has worked as a freelance illustrator since leaving college, principally for magazines and publishing, with a little bit of advertising. In recent years. A lot of his work has involved caricatures including collections of sporting personalities and a weekly drawing for the TV Times for over nine years.

John [Ireland] writes:
I had been asked a few years prior to 1980 to submit ideas for a Guinness Calendar but nothing came of it, and when I was asked to produce roughs for a W. Heath Robinson pastiche I was initially reluctant, suggesting I could do something in my own style. When it became obvious that they J.Walter Thompson the advertising agency were set on doing it their way, I decided that it was better I should do it rather than someone else mess it up and do Heath Robinson a disservice.

There were similarities in our styles, which is presumably why I had been asked in the first place. I had been interested in his drawings since I was a child, having bought his books at jumble sales. The whole job went amazingly smoothly and following a guided tour of the Park Royal Brewery, it was left up to me to decide on which elements of production I should highlight.

This is so unusual for advertising, normally you are presented with layouts that you have to stick to rigidly and all the copy has been written already. In this instance I even wrote the captions. My initial roughs were accepted with hardly any changes suggested. I only had to make the May drawing a little busier and ensure that wherever possible both bottled and keg beer should be depicted as apparently there was intense rivalry between the two divisions of the company. The barman in the December drawing is actually a portrait of Heath Robinson with his cat Saturday Morning and the customer is my Father.