Tamborine or Tambourine? Whats in a Name

Tamborine Village

A section of road reserve bounded by Tamborine Mountain and Leach Roads, Tamborine Village, which is currently being developed into a park by the Tamborine District Citizens Association (TDCA) has been officially named Tambourine Park by the Beaudesert Shire Council.

The spelling is the first choice for the TDCA who were instrumental in the formation and naming of the park as they feel that it is a way of acknowledging the historical association of the earlier form of the name with the district.

Tambourine was an early form of the naming having been applied to the area from 1844.

It is generally accepted as being an anglicised corruption of the Aboriginal -Jamborin – Dyamborin- Tchambreen, usually accepted as meaning Yam in a cliff.
The area now known as Tamborine was known as Burton Vale from 1842 until the name was changed to Tambourine in 1844.
Local historian, Jim Lancaster, in his submission to the Council over the naming of the park said that the spelling of the park as Tambourine would introduce naming inconsistencies and confusion, and would be likely to to be perceived as an unfortunate mistake in wider fields.

It could also set a precedent for the introduction of other early names or spellings such as Gimboomba he said.
– (Source: Beaudesert Shire Council)