Blow up the Pokies T-Shirts for SALE

The Bearded Dragon has successfully traded now for over eight years without the dreaded invasion of Poker Machines. While it is difficult for a business to trade in such an unfair trading arena we are proof that we do not need poker machines to survive.
We believe in our community and care about the future for Australian Families. We believe in the Live Music Industry even though we find it hypocritical that the Whitlams choose to play gigs at huge gambling focused clubs! We still love them, but what is all that about!
Please buy a TSHIRT or CAP and show your support. This money is put back into the community by helping us actively lobby government. See below on how you can help and how to buy the merchandise

We encourage you to : Email or Post to the prime minister!
Email or Post to your local Queensland Paper!
Email or post to your State Senators!
Andrew Bartlett
Brandis George,Senator for Queensland
Boswell The Hon. Ronald, Senator for Queensland
Hogg John, Senator for Queensland
Joyce Barnaby, Senator for Queensland
Ludwig Joe, Senator for Queensland
Macdonald The Hon. Ian, Senator for Queensland
McLucas Jan, Senator for Queensland
Mason Brett, Senator for Queensland
Moore Claire, Senator for Queensland
Santoro Santo, Senator for Queensland
Trood Russell, Senator for Queensland

Email your local Government!
Do Something Now ! WAKE up Australia.
If you really want to get the message across on any matter that concern you about our government administration then go to the weblink below and it will give you plenty of tips on how to get a politician’s attention.
Cheers from Toadman, Pig Lady & the dragons.