Bearded Dragon Free House

What does it mean to be a FREE HOUSE ? We expect that our much awaited new Bearded Dragon sign is now here that this will be what many of you would like to know? Here are the reasons that we chose to use this term and information for you when explaining to other interested persons.

FREE HOUSE is a traditionally BRITISH concept that was displayed outside a pub to inform people that it was INDEPENDENTLY OWNED, a true FREE HOUSE would be a one of a kind and usually family operated.
The KEY point was that this type of pub was not BREWERY owned or contracted to a BREWERY which restricts trade.

The Bearded Dragon is not tied to a BREWERY, a CHAIN or a SUPERMARKET and it offers the management and staff the FREEDOM to operate independently.

So NO sorry it does not mean that the BEER IS FREE !! Or that you get a FREE HOUSE..You get what you pay for when it comes to BEER or anything for that matter however we always endeavour to give out FREE smiles & FREE entertainment.

The principle concept of a FREE HOUSE is exactly how the Bearded Dragon operates and by promoting this fact more people will understand what makes us different from other pubs.
… OH YEAH, and we dont have POKIES either so we are not tied to the GOVERNMENT either in the words of DAVE HUGHES : Quite frankly, Id rather sit at home watching a blank TV and shoving dollar coins up my cats arse than go and play the POKIES. NUFF SAID.

In a nutshell it means that we operate as FREE traders for our customers sourcing a range of products for them. We are proud of what we stand for and rest assured we stand behind our quality of service and product and always try and meet the needs of all our guests. Spread this message to many more people who need to understand that their pubs are being eaten up by breweries, large chains and supermarkets.
We like our unique individuality and hope that others will embrace and support us.
Cheers from the Bearded Dragon Team (celebrating over 25 years in business ! )