Little Hooves & Loving Moms: After the Storm Recovery and Free Kids Brunch held at Bearded Dragon Tamborine

After the Storm Recovery and Free Kids Brunch held at Bearded Dragon Tamborine

In the aftermath of the recent severe storms that swept through our local community, we extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected. As we collectively navigate these challenging times, we stand together with wishes for safety, kindness, and a swift recovery. Embrace your loved ones repeatedly, for together, we embark on a journey of healing and renewal as a resilient community.

In the wake of the storms, our beloved Bearded Dragon Hotel faced challenges with impacts on our grounds, gardens, infrastructure, and some equipment. As we patiently await the drying of our grounds, we ask for your understanding and patience during your visits in the coming month. The cleanup and restoration process will take time, and your cooperation is invaluable to us.

The severe weather certainly tested the resilience of our tight-knit community, yet Tamborine came together quickly and recovery efforts have been truly incredible. Despite our shortcomings, Bearded Dragon Hotel aimed to create a morning of healing and joy for families affected by the storms that swept through the region from Christmas Day to the New Year. The community brunch event took place on Thursday, 11th January 2024, and it was a heartwarming success.

The atmosphere at Bearded Dragon Tamborine was filled with positivity and warmth as families gathered for a day of fun, laughter, and healing. Despite the challenges faced by the community and the venue itself, the spirit of togetherness prevailed, turning a morning of recovery into a memorable experience for all.

The event kicked off with an up-close encounter with the adorable remedial donkeys, Matilda, Clancy, and Mabel, who, along with their fellow farmyard animals, provided much-needed love and comfort to the attendees. The smiling faces of the children lit up as they interacted with the gentle donkeys, creating a heartwarming scene of connection and joy.

The activities were designed to bring happiness to the young hearts that had weathered the recent storms. Engaging kids’ activities filled the air with laughter, and the hot & cold brunch with refreshments prepared by the dedicated team of chefs added a touch of comfort and delight to the day. The healing power of community support and the presence of the farm animals contributed to an environment of hope and resilience.

Monique Gregory and the Events Team at Bearded Dragon Tamborine expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming response from the community. Families registered their interest and booked spots through and [email protected]. This event showcased  the solidarity of the Tamborine community in times of need.

The brunch not only brought joy to families but also served as an opportunity to raise funds for the community’s rebuilding efforts. Bearded Dragon Tamborine is planning a series of upcoming events, and those willing to contribute or support the cause can reach out to the events team directly.

The smiles on the faces of the resilient community members echoed the strength and unity that define Tamborine.

Amidst the challenges faced by Bearded Dragon Tamborine, the event showcased the venue’s determination to rebuild and reaffirm its resilience. The successful morning after the storm became a testament to the community’s spirit and the unwavering support it provides to its members in times of adversity.


Monique Gregory & the Events Team Bearded Dragon Tamborine

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