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Mt Tamborine Brewery Presents Our VIP Guest Beers

Mount Tamborine Brewery

Drop by for a drop at The Bearded Dragon and experience the best Pale Ales, Largers and boutique beers that Mt Tamborine brewery has to offer.

Moderation Pale Ale - 3.3%

Pale Ales are a subset of many beer styles and our Moderation Pale Ale is a blend of two of these. The malt profile is based on the Golden/Summer Ales of England and carries the beer with a light hazy golden colour and a flavor of freshly baked bread. The hop profile is inspired by the ultra hoppy Pale Ales of the USA and shows a big aroma of passionfruit, lychee and grapefruit. This all combines to create a beer packed full of distinctive flavours and an alcohol content of only 3.3%.

Black Cockatoo - 4.8%

The second Lager in our line –up, Black Cockatoo is modeled on the Schwarzbiers (black lagers) of Germany. A deep ruby black colour this beer displays all the classic traits of its style. The aroma is a delicate balance of roasted malt and noble hops whilst in the mouth it shows a delicate bitterness that holds in check malt flavours of caramel and chocolate. Black Cockatoo is a light-medium bodied beer and is very good match with Grilled Sirloin or roast Pork and Apple.Alcohol content of only 4.8%.


Book a craft beer or brewery tour Tamborine departing from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Taste of Tamborine from Brisbane.

Experience the beautiful Mt Tamborine, located in the hinterland between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. With this brewery tour, we offer the chance to get out of the city for a breath of fresh air, some true farmhouse hospitality and introduction to a wide range of beer styles and flavours.

Take some time to explore the local Tamborine area on your own, and see what happens behind the scenes of a busy brewery. Get ready for a fun and unique day out with a Taste of Tamborine.

Check out the full itinerary:

After your group tour pick up from Brisbane, we will begin the day by visiting Newstead Brewing Co where you’re encouraged to sample all the core range of beers on tap – plus maybe a few seasonal or one-off beers currently available. Your beer guides will take you through beer ingredients, including some witty, historical commentary, and enlist a brilliant Newstead team member to walk you through the brewery and explain the complete brewing process.

Like what you’ve tasted? Grab a couple six-packs or purchase a growler to fill and refill with your favourite beers from Newstead Brewing Co. before we hit the road and head to Tamborine Mountain to explore the craft beers and local brews of Tamborine. Did we mention the fresh air and paddock to plate food that will blow your taste buds away.

Book a Craft Beer Tour departing from the Gold Coast. A great corporate day tour or incentive for your next staff party or group of craft beer loving mates!

Taste of Tamborine from Gold Coast

Enjoy magnificent views as we wind our way from the area's newest brewery on the Gold Coast to one of the region's most iconic breweries in Mt Tamborine.

See what happens on a brewery production floor, then spend time exploring the great Tamborine Venue. Taste some true Tamborine farmhouse beers at a fun, quirky Australian pub in Tamborine and try and snap a selfie with a resident alpaca. Get some fresh air and fresh beers with a Taste of Tamborine.

Contact our Events Team at Bearded Dragon Tamborine to book your Craft Beer Tour on (07) 5543 6888. Let us take the stress out of planning your next event or group tour.

We love that Australians are embracing the local craft breweries and appreciating small Australian owned businesses that are passionate about boutique craft beers that pack a punch.


First, you look at it….
Is the colour strong and true to type?
Is the beer bright?
Is the head firm and full?
Then you experience the fleeting aromas, be they tangy, malty or fruity.
Then the first flavours hit your tongue, and you also feel the pleasing effects of the effervescence.
You notice the quality. Is it fresh?
The bitterness and body take effect, giving some degree of satisfaction.
Then you experience the mouth feel.
You smell the aroma as the glass empties.
The lacing on the glass is a pleasing reminder of the quality of the brew.

The vital quality question -
will you have another one?

drunk adj all-overish(Obs), blasted, blithered, blotto, canned, chocker, cockeyed, corked, full, groggy, half-seas-over, high as a kite, inebriated.

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