To our valued Customers during Coronavirus era

To all our valued Bearded Dragon Hotel customers,

Thanks for supporting us here at Bearded Dragon and we certainly appreciate it now more than ever.

We are a small Australian Family owned business (yes we might look big, but do not be fooled). We do not have the clout of the bigger supermarket hotel players (yes you know who they are) but what we do have is a fighting Aussie spirit and willingness to keep our community safe whilst still serving that community with a service of takeaway food, coffees, alcohol, dunny rolls and more cool stuff than you can poke stick at during this trying time. Yes you can only poke sticks…. Sorry you cannot touch!

We were purpose built to provide an open space over 20 years ago that takes in the beautiful country views of Tamborine and the Tamborine Mountain. In the current economic climate we understand everyone has concern, rest assured the health and safety of our patrons and staff is our NUMBER 1 priority, followed by business continuity into the future and providing our product and services to our valued customers.

Please be aware that on top of the standard health practices all Australians have been asked to adhere to at home and in public we also have to ensure that we provide a safe environment, so please be patient and kind when staff are merely enforcing strategies that will only further your safety and thankyou to all the amazing customers who have supported us while we adjust to all these new challenges.

The staff that we are frantically trying to keep employed are all adhering to strict sanitisation procedures after each customers and they will get your requested product for you and our bottle shop and servery already lends itself to the “no touching” rules. You can rest assured, several other people will not have handled your wine and put it back on the shelf many times over.

Please ensure you adhere to the strict social distancing practices and listen to the instructions of staff (and respect their wishes) and suggestions for you on where to wait if you are collecting and picking up a takeaway meal. You must enjoy your takeaway meals and coffees and alcoholic drinks at home.
Please phone ahead to advise of your order (07) 5543 6888 0413 618 479 so that we can also help co-ordinate during this time.

Keep an eye on Bearded Dragon Social media for links to our online menu and just to stay in touch! Head to our dedicated new website with click and collect service for alcohol, food and more as it evolves during this time as a service for Tamborine and surrounding areas.

When waiting to collect or browsing our new shop windows please stay practical, follow our markings and signage and adhere to the 1.5m distance rule whilst still taking a common sense approach which equates to being relaxed, calm and polite to others.

Please appreciate that staff will be doing their best to navigate these new requirements and still keep wait times down so please respect their requests and understand their might be some delays or hiccups as none of us are perfect when faced with these new challenges.

We serve food currently 10am-8pm so encourage diners to consider ordering outside of peak lunch and dinner times to provide further enjoyment, comfort and safety of all.

Most importantly please stay connected to the Bearded Dragon Tamborine, as we certainly will not be hibernating but embrace the time to work harder to be here for our staff & families, suppliers & families, entertainers & families, customers and wider community during this time and beyond. Some efforts will be accelerated to get the old girl back to her former glory and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Whilst our team would like to give you a big hug at this time, maybe a friendly wave whilst passing will be just fine.

Cheers + Keep up with us on facebook & insty
@beardedderagonhotel (07) 5543 6888

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